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Tape Appreciation Society

DRTAS #4 Froogy's Groovies - Soggy Joynts


DRTAS #6. This Release features Muzzman again milking the Magic wonderland of sound to bring another underground masterpiece to our ears. Do not sleep, Do not take the red pill, or do you?? Enter the world of a Maestro in training. A true gift in a starved world. He is your bread and your wine. Prepare to dine in tonight. Now please....Enter

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DRTAS#4 Soggy Joynts.jpg

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Brand New Froogy's Groovies tape courtesy of the DRTAS aka
Death Records Tape Appreciation Society!

Our favorite pop maestro returns with this limited release (75 tapes) Including 11 brand new introverted masterpieces. A must have for die hard or even casual Froogy's fans!