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Part / Human EP



Part/Human delivers an ear load of post-punk, phased-out guitar washing over early 90s acid house rhythms, and Bauhaus-indebted bass swirls. Multi-instrumentalist and Silver Shadows guitarist Margaret Rhodes began Part/Human as an electronic noise side project.  With Kyle Hoover (Tiaras, Ganglians) on guitar, and Julian Elorduy (Fine Steps, Mayyors) on bass. The group quickly took to Rhodes’s drum patterns, synths, and palate of sounds. Hoover, known for his “million ways” to manipulate guitar noises, added his intuitive leads that doused their sound with wailing yet alluring harmonic hooks. Elorduy picked up a vintage Harmony in a trade with Todd Urick (KDVS) for a bag of potato chips. As the newly fleshed out Part/Human evolved, Rhodes revealed a more intimate and personal side, reflecting on childhood, longing, and detachment.


Recorded at Elorduy’s home in Oakland, Rhodes’s Mission Excelsior basement apartment, and their studio space, produced by Elorduy, and mastered by Antonio Gualco (Tiaras, Fine Steps), Part/Human is an thought-provoking sonic adventure for fans of Cocteau Twins, Nite Jewel, and Geneva Jacuzzi.


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