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Nanami Ozone - Desire


Hailing from Phoenix Arizona, Nanami Ozone makes music that is simple, gripping, and refined. Comparisons to the Pixies, Feelies, early My Bloody Valentine, and Blonde Redhead would not be off the mark. Yet although you can find similarities with their predecessors, their music is so engaging and well written that they sound like originators of the genre. Their debut album “Desire” is an amazing demonstration of songwriting, lush instrumentation, and a knack for songwriting rare in many newer bands. Songs like “Desire” are danceable and straightforward whereas like “Right By Your Side” show a proficiency in songwriting that lingers long after you listen to it.
    “Desire” is an exciting debut that only suggests expansion into different territory in the future. Here, the fundamental building blocks of music (songwriting, aesthetic, instrumentation) are all well executed to the point of perfection. If you want a moody, tight, and dynamiclisten, this might just be the record for you.

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