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Golly McCry - Undiscovered

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" Golly McCry is a DIY Musician and songwriter from Kothen, Germany. The first time I came upon Golly's music was when I came across his cover of There's a Pain by 60s garage quintet Les Rockers. Listening to his song provoked an instant emotional reaction. Golly's personal influence made a 60's break up song beautiful. Golly McCry manages to retain the shaky garage aesthetic of his forebears, while lovingly reviving a roster of lost songs. Some of Golly's covers often come off as more sincere than the originals, a common theme in his choices being heartbreak and lost love. His lost home recordings can finally be heard on this 12 song cassette, Undiscovered. All songs were recorded in 1989- 1990 " - Joey Bonano, The Pesos

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