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Alex Bleeker - Bet Your Ass


Recent years have showcased Bleeker’s songwriting as one of copious abundance. Releasing three albums under the moniker, Alex Bleeker and the Freaks, his telling endeavors have established Bleeker as a salient figure in the contemporary folk psyche.

“Bet Your Ass” marks Bleeker’s sixth release as a songwriter. It catalogs a recent move to the San Francisco Bay Area, where the soft-fog coastline has complemented the carefree and youthful finish of his self-recorded cassette. As rightfully imagined, Bleeker drives a blue Volvo Wagon, and it serves as the perfect symbol for Bleeker’s California vision: living on the coast, kitchen table breakfasts, scenic drives, Highway 84 to San Gregorio Beach, and the mindful release of cosmic energies—the simple things in life.

On the release, Bleeker states, “Make no mistake, this tape is 6 tracks of raw, hard-hitting outlaw country - bet your ass.”

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