Zine Featuring Rikky Gage, Muzzy, Primo Preems, Tika Hall, Cole Lodge and many more!

Side A

Tiaras - Cars
Spraytan - I'll Never Change
Healing Potpurri - Laney
Air Surgeon - FRX
Cool Angels - She Is Dark
Ole - Brine
Teenage Chain - Flowers On The Run
Smiles - Please Don't Let Me Down
Michael & The Strange Land - Radio Possession

Side B

Friendless Summer - All The Time
Froogys Groovies - Night Of Workin Man
Stalls - Song For M.P
Fleece - Sweat
Todayshits - With A Heart So Cold
Cole Lodge - Deep Inside (low)\
DSTVV - Plural
Love Cop - Catching Feelings
Clumsy - Mother Ark
Dissolve - Where We Are