It's been quiet... a little too quiet for our taste. To make up for lost time let's just dive in, shall we?!?    


The Death Records Cassette Tape Appreciation Society is a brand new subscription service to Death Record's releases & even rarer finds. We're talking live recordings, super special mixtapes, limited edition release you can ONLY get as a member. If you've been aching for a little sumthin' to get you through the month, then we got you covered. 

Our premiere edition (ltd to 50!) is a Valentine's Mix Tape made by DJ Primo ~ Preview it below! Perfect for that broken, mended or swollen with love hearted tape collector  . . . 

Tuckered Out - Tucked In (CS)
Listen to "Mr. Walker" on BandCamp

Tuckered Out is the solo project of multi-instrumentalist Joey Melatonin, an active participant in our San Francisco DIY scene. You may know Joey as the genius ripper in Talk of ShamansEmotionalFroogy’s Groovies, and Healing Potpourri. His debut album “Tucked In” was recorded alone of his Tascam 388. Style wise, it dwells in a jazzy and moody realm filled to the brim with musical richness, unexpected breaks and spiky chord changes. Order the tape here.


Emotional - Ahh... The Name Is Emotional, Baby! (CS)
Listen to "Stop U From Luv'n' Me" on SoundCloud

An instant Death Records classic is being pressed on cassette for the first time ever. Written and recorded over the course of two-years with producer Ole Haarstad (Melted Toys), multi-instrumentalist Emmet Moskowitz, a.k.a., “Muzzy” (Froogy’s Groovies), and mastered by Patrick Haight (Spot-On Sound), Ahh…The Name's Emotional, Baby! features guest appearances by vocalist Ryan Grubbs (TiarasGanglians) and guitarist Adam Finken (TiarasBlasted Canyons). A virtuoso of simple and relatable songwriting, Emotional gives us a reason to keep our stoney hope alive. 

Order here.

On Deck For Tape Appreciation Society:
Feb 14th - Primo - Mixtape
March 15tth - B-Side Brujas / Marinero - Cholo Fi
April 20th - Alex Bleeker & The Freaks Play The Dead, Live @ Big Sur

Upcoming eleases: 
Emotional - The Band (LP/CS)
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