Hello friends! How are you guys doing? How was your summer?  We've been super busy over here, working on presenting you with a few new releases available at our online store:

- “Desire” by Arizona’s Nanami Ozone (Refined, clean, moody, Kim Deal joins Feelies)
- “Diving Bells” by Vasas (Anthemic Power Pop, distorted guitar, good self-loathing music)
- “Fuckin’ Up My Name” by Cyrus Gengras (Sharp and well written, late 90’s sad rock, tear jerking lead lines)
- “Roomers” by Holy Shit (Minimal techno, retro-futuristic, throbbing synths)

How’s that for some NEW NEW? We’re also excited to announce new upcoming releases by orchestral pop guru Sagittaire, & ambient tinkerer Gradient Fade. Coming soon!!! (Also: Puzzled, Clumsy, Tuckered Out & More)

See you next time!

- Matt "The Tern" De Niro