NEW ZIT 2000

WOWEE!! So much new stuff!!

First of all, thanks to all of those who have ordered from us in the past! We moved and got a tad bit backed up with orders but are all caught up now. If your order hasn't arrived feel free to contact us.

New Releases!

Emotional - Ahh ... The Name Is Emotional, Baby (LP)

Our First LP in part with Burger Records, Danger Collective, Gnar Tapes, Grabbing Clouds, Empty Cellar, Little L, and Plastic Response. Proud to announce the release of Emotional's first ever LP album. Catchy synth pop mixed with 80's guitar sprinkled with reverb.

Shawnthony Calypso - Birthday Party (CS)

Hailing from the promise land, Lexington, Kentucky, these trippers gave us 20 minutes of pure pop jammers. Live recording at Shawnthony's actual birthday party. Between the laughs and small chatter is a beautifully stoney collection of songs. Featuring members of Jovontes. 

Part / Human - S/T (CS)

Debut EP from new wave synth project headed by Margo Rhodes. Featuring members of Tiaras & Fine Steps. These tracks are great for a late night bender or an all day rave. 


Friendless Summer - Table for One EP (CS)

Healing Potpourri - My Eyes Never Really Adjusted To The Light (CS)

Teenage Chain, Alex Bleeker, & MORE!